According to Paragraph 2 of Article 1 of Law 2081/1992 as replaced by Paragraph 2 of Article 19 of Law 3419/2005, Greek Government Gazette I 297 of 6th December 2005, the aim of the CCID, within the boundaries of their region, is:

  • the protection and development of commerce, industry, craft, professions, service sector and exports, in accordance with the interests and goals of the national economy for its development and progress.
  • The provision of advisory suggestions towards the Greek State for each economic issue, including the relevant legislation, taking into consideration the economic growth of their region and the service of the general interest of the national economy.
  • The provision of advisory suggestions and information to their members and to any interested part for any financial matter."

The CCID is continuously revising its strategy, so that it’s always adjusted to the changes of the modern socio-economic environment, taking into consideration the effectiveness and the outputs, and the total service of the citizens as well, who are in this case the entrepreneurs-members of the CCID.



The new portal www.ebed.gr of the CCID was completed and received in December of 2015 in the context of implementation of subproject 1 ''Integrated Environment of Digital Services Creation for the Reduction of Bureaucracy and the Support for Digital Trade Exhibitions and E-Commerce Applications for the Members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dodecanese'' of the project entitled:  “Digital Services of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dodecanese to Boost Business Competitiveness''. The new portal has a lot of potential for the provision of high value added services to our members and can be an essential development tool for our region.

It includes:

(a) Subsystems of targeted information to the members of the CCID, realization of administrative acts & payments, electronic communication of the members with the services. – New protocol. – Document management and linking these with the Registry.

(b) Subsystems to boost the extroversion of businesses:

1) Online product marketplace

2) Creation and update of a Business Guide.

3) Creation and update of a list with business opportunities.

4) Creation and operation of online exhibitions.


The new platform also includes a special multilingual subsystem for the tourism industry, with a great potential to support tourist industry and tourism businesses. The new platform - beside a development tool - is a key contributory service to the CCID-members.